I’m Afraid She’s Rather Odd

There is a certain stigma that comes with being a bookworm. In fact, I’ve experienced being shunned because of it, up to the point that I was seriously contemplating on changing my whole personality. I wanted to let go of my favorite hobbies just to be accepted. Note that I was in my preteen years at the time, and with that age bracket comes the emerging desire to belong.

Unfortunately, for my preteen self at least, I cannot find it in me to give it up. It is probably my inert stubbornness that refuses to give up something that is not wrong in the first place. My interests do not harm other people. I contribute to society by not belonging to the constantly growing population of ignoramuses whose life motto is “YOLO”, a term I highly dislike because it is being used as a rationale for irresponsible life choices. Furthermore, reading broadens my horizons and has taught me to accept and respect different beliefs and opinions, something a lot of people astonishingly find difficult to do.

A decade later, I am still a bookworm. The flack I got for it stopped, eventually. Or maybe it didn’t, but I have since learned not to care. I am glad my preteen self decided not to give in to peer pressure. I decided to have other interests as well. Now, all my interests go hand in hand with each other.

My life may not be a montage of wild parties, outings and all the “fun” stuff, I may be considered plain and boring, I’ve been told countless of times that I read too much and that I don’t have a social life (some photos on my Instagram account beg to differ, au contraire), but I am happy.

I don’t have to sacrifice my happiness for superficial expectations.



5 thoughts on “I’m Afraid She’s Rather Odd

  1. I don’t think I ever favored the popular or sporty kids over the bookworms. So, you would have been safe/okay with me;) I was once labeled a bookworm, but I was neither one nor a jock…or even remotely popular til I made a scene. I was so determined not to be labeled, I never quite fit in…

    I am sure you are not boring to those who care. And, I would not be surprised if my life history turned out to be more empty and dull than yours. It’s hard to be more dull/empty than me:D

    I would only say you read too much if you didn’t do something with that reading. If all you did was consume text, I might be concerned.


    • That must have been quite an experience. I wanted to do that come high school, but then I thought that I should subscribe to a label to satiate my need to be identified properly. Looking back, that seemed pretty stupid, although not uncommon behavior for adolescents.

      Sorry, but you’re going to have to sell me more on your dullness/emptiness. I find that people with a lot to say, or those who like to write, usually aren’t. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • In high school, I was perpetually given labels much as I was in elementary school. I don’t think anyone had as many nicknames as I did. None of them good or respectful. I had no ill will toward anyone, and yet I made my share of enemies. By the time I graduated high school, I was surprised I still wanted to speak with any of my classmates. Truth was, I still was looking for someone to be a friend. Yet, I found faults with nearly everyone…which didn’t help.

        I seem very uncommon.

        You got that right, sister:P Yet, those I see most often tune me out before they hear a few lines. For you, I am still fresh to your ears…er, eyes.


      • That’s awful. Kids and teenagers can be so mean. Probably the worst I’ve been called to my face was ‘nerd’ and I laughed it off because it was true and it wasn’t offensive (they said it the same way one would say ‘scum of the earth’, however).

        Fair enough, but I have to say, being uncommon makes you even less dull… ๐Ÿ˜›


      • It’s not limited to any age group. Adults can be as ugly if not uglier than kids. Kids are often told to behave by adults who don’t. Some kids behave better than their parents.

        Nerd is nothing. I don’t even want to go into some of the names I was called.

        If you hear “nerd” as “scum of the earth,” that’s a fault in your interpretation.

        Well, I hope I am always fresh and enjoyable for you, then…but I am not a free show:P


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